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Kristen Adamczyk works as an encaustic painter. This process supports her interest in biology. Using beeswax, pigment is added and shaped to create her paintings. She furthers the exploration of wax using a transfer process. Beginning with intricate ink drawings, these then migrate into the wax. Drawings are transferred into the wax and  manipulated with heat. Her drawings depict landscapes from rocky surfaces of mountain tops to the imagined on Europa. Organic and artificially constructed drawing elements confront cultural views and fantasies about nature.

Kristen completed her BFA at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and MA from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.  Kristen lovingly resides with her partner and three children working as an artist and arts educator between Brooklyn and Schroon Lake, NY. 



My paintings reflect a fascination with both the microscopic and macroscopic worlds water and life exists in. Looking microscopically allows people to reconnect to the larger environmental context of nature.


As life begins with water, imagine where water exists throughout our known universe.  My drawings mimic water structure;  appearing within a drop of pond water, cell formations, topography or possibly space. Under the frozen surface of Europa, one of the many moons of Jupiter, scientists believe there is twice as much water as Earth. 


Working in encaustic allows a layering in the same way life lives in layers on a rock, in the water and even on us. Organic and artificially constructed drawing elements confront cultural views and fantasies about nature.



72nd Annual Central Adirondack Art Show, View Center for Arts and Culture, Old Forge, NY  

Member Gallery, Encaustic Art Institute, Cerrillos, New Mexico.

Space Garden, 2023. Permanent collection at Museum of Encaustic Art, Cerrillos New Mexico 


Backroads-group exhibition, Vestige Concept Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA. July-August

A Sense of Space-group exhibition, The Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art, Augusta, GA. September-October.


Art in the Time of Corona, Vol. 2, Dab Art on 

Art in the Wild, NYU Tandon School of Engineering Integrated Design Media, Brooklyn.

Not Just Another Anthropocenic Love Story, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, curated by Sisi Chen

16th Annual Small Works-group exhibition, juried by Anais Duplan. A 440 Gallery on Artsy Online Exclusive



Energy- group exhibition, Artspace Maynard, Maynard, MA

Millay Colony for the Arts, visual arts residence.

10x10x10-group exhibition, Tieton Arts and Humanities, WA. 



Blue-group exhibition, Site Brooklyn Gallery, NYC



Annual Small Works-group exhibition, 440 Gallery, Brooklyn, NYC



LEAP-group exhibition, Cloyde Snook Gallery at Adams State, Colorado University.



Art and Science-group exhibition, Indiana University East Gallery.

Drawing Lines Across Mediums-group exhibition, Site Brooklyn Gallery NYC

Annual Small Works-group exhibition, 440 Gallery, Brooklyn NYC



2015 NEH grant. Researching visual representation of the Iroquois during the American Revolution. Fort Ticonderoga, NY.



2020, 10x10x10 Tieton Expansive Small Works Exhibition Catalog.

Published by Tieton Arts and Humanities and Marquand Editions, 2020.

2016, Indiana University East, National Juried Art Exhibition: Art & Science Catalog. Published by Indiana University Press, 2016

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